My Faith - The World is a Great Soul

Cathrine Marchen Asmussen, Denmark, 2022

Series (documentary)

Anvita wants to be prime minister when she grows up. The monk in her temple says it takes training to become a good leader. And as Prime Minister you have a responsibility for everything that lives, both humans, animals and plants. Anvita decides to show that she can take that responsibility.
MY FAITH is a series of short films for children, told by children from the age of 10 years old. Each film portrays a child, who practices a religion or a belief in Denmark. The films represent a varied outtake of our differences, as humans by showing our differing worldviews, and in doing so confront us with all our similarities as well. The films are loyal in their portrayal of the protagonists and do not attempt to argue right or wrong practice or worldview. Rather they aim to take a curious look at our human need to create existential meaning.
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Original title Min tro - Verden er en stor Sjæl - Hinduisme
Danish title Min tro - Verden er en stor Sjæl - Hinduisme
Other titles Min Tro - 7:8
Part of My Faith
Director Cathrine Marchen Asmussen
Screenplay Cathrine Marchen Asmussen
Producer Lise Saxtrup
Director of Photography Cathrine Marchen Asmussen, Troels Rasmus Jensen
Editor Yrsa Wedel
Sound Anne Gry Friis Kristensen
Composer Rasmus Møldrup
Production country Denmark
International sales Klassefilm ApS
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Production company
Executive Producer Klassefilm
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut, DR Ultra


Direction Cathrine Marchen Asmussen


Screenplay Cathrine Marchen Asmussen


Producer Lise Saxtrup
Post-producton coordinator Jakob Schaumburg
Producer's assistant Julia Mejnertsen


Cinematographer Cathrine Marchen Asmussen
Cinematographer Troels Rasmus Jensen


Editor Yrsa Wedel


Composer Rasmus Møldrup


Sound designer Anne Gry Friis Kristensen
Sound mixer Brian Dyrby

Visual effects

Graphic design and animation Gina Thorstensen
Graphic design and animation Nacho Rodriguez
Graphic design and animation Rasmus Lange
Colorist Christian Bille

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