Born Free

62 min.DK/Documentary

Through our main character Gibson, who works as a journalist, we delve into the everyday lives of a number of young Zimbabweans who are struggling to make it in the bustling capital, the rough ghetto, the austere scrap yard and the lagging rural area. We meet the youth when they discuss future dreams as well as when they talk about female independence, while trying to develop the business potential of a small french fries booth in the countryside. Throughout the film Gibson tries to convince his friends that hope and anticipation will only lead to disappointment as he keeps repeating that when it comes to politics one should never ever get emotionally attached. However, when Mugabe's old party once again tampers with the result and the military is deployed against peaceful protesters, Gibson finds it difficult to follow his own mantra.
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Original title Born Free
Danish title Born Free
Director Anna Steen Hansen, Mathias Nyholm Schmidt
Producer Laura Valentiner-Bohse
Editor Rasmus Nyholm Schmidt
Production country Denmark
Production company Alken Film, Bacon CPH
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Production company Alken Film, Bacon CPH
With support from Udenrigsministeriets Oplysningspulje, Rieck-Andersens Familiefond, Dansk Journalistforbund, Filmværkstedet/København


Direction Anna Steen Hansen
Direction Mathias Nyholm Schmidt


Producer Laura Valentiner-Bohse
Executive producer Mette Jermiin
Co-producer Mads Buhl Hendriksen
Post Producer Camilla Strandskov


Editor Rasmus Nyholm Schmidt


Music Simon Dokkedal
Music Martin Højland


Foley recordist Mette Skjøtgaard
Foley recordist Simon Kjær

Visual effects

Conforming Søren Knudsen
Colourist Lasse Selvi

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