Holy hen

Tanne Sommer, Denmark, 2021

18 min.DK/Short fiction

An old Christian couple lives in the middle of nowhere. The husband, the unpleasant, meat-loving misogynist, Gert, cannot live without his daily doses of meat. The wife, Bodil, is pure at heart, stuck in the old ways, and would do anything to please Gert. Seemingly satisfied with their way of living, they enjoy a life in peace and harmony, until that peace and quiet is violently disturbed. Gert gets struck by lightning while slaughtering a hen, getting paralyzed from the waist down. The hen survives. Bodil is convinced the hen is the voice of God, and it has a message for them. Gert is convinced his wife is mentally unstable. He decides to shoot the hen, but mistakenly takes down his wife instead. But God works in mysterious ways and brings Bodil back to life. Gert is forced to accept the truth: this is indeed a Holy Hen with a message: don’t kill innocent animals (and wives).
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Hellige høne
Danish title Hellige høne
Director Tanne Sommer
Screenplay Tanne Sommer
Producer Katrine Dolmer
Director of Photography Clara Kokseby
Editor Mikkel Berlin
Sound Rasmus Lagerstedt
Composer Clara Kokseby
Production designer Naomi Ash Collins
Appearance Kirsten Lehfeldt
Production country Denmark
Production company Creative K. I. D.
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Production company Creative K. I. D.


Direction Tanne Sommer
Continuity Maria Møller


Screenplay Tanne Sommer


Producer Katrine Dolmer
Co-producer Pelle Axel von Schantz Iversen
Unit manager Kristian Sagild Høirup


Cinematographer Clara Kokseby
First assistant camera Lauge Felix Black
DIT Bruno Kodal Heller Edelman

Electrical dept.

Best boy Jonatan Bruun Borring
Gaffer Louise Wolff Thustrup


Editor Mikkel Berlin


Composer Clara Kokseby
Conductor: choir Sofia Schmidt

Production design

Production designer Naomi Ash Collins
Assistant production designer Bella Norup


Costume on set Ida Dolmer


Makeup artist Heidi Tinghuus Petersen
SFX makeup Tommy Salholt


Sound engineer Rasmus Lagerstedt

Visual effects

VFX supervisor Bruno Kodal Heller Edelman
Colourist Valdemar Qvist Andersen
Colourist Oliver Båre


Stunt double Micki Stoltt
Stunt double Carsten Schmidt
Stunt coordinator Micki Stoltt


Bodil Kirsten Lehfeldt

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