Nødråb fra børnehjemmet

Denmark, 2021

87 min.Series (documentary)

Violence and threats are part of everyday life in many of the countries 24-hour care centers and institutions. This is what several placed children tell TV2 Dokumentar. They say they do not thrive. But is it true? TV2 Dokumentar gets insight from videos and documents that tell a so far untold story about the everyday life our society offers the country's most vulnerable children. TV2 Dokumentar also applies for access to documents in the countries five Social Services. Here, over 70 inspection reports paint a picture of an area that has significant challenges.
Several social workers say that children are exposed to abuse of power and betrayal. And the management and the employees hide the harsh reality for the parents and the Social Services.
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Original title Nødråb fra børnehjemmet
Danish title Nødråb fra børnehjemmet
Screenplay Rosa Thyrri Rostgaard, Clara Høj Jensen, Lars Astrup Jensen
Director of Photography Kristian Friis, Mikael Ib Hansen, Carsten Overbye, Martin Binnerup, Bjørn Fabricius, Anders Agerbo, Bent Leth, Kim Hess, Emil Gerner, Rikke Adamsen
Editor Ole Grønbæk, Ann Malene Tornby
Production country Denmark
Production company Dokumentarkompagniet
Domestic distribution TV2
International sales
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Production company Dokumentarkompagniet
With support from Public Service Puljen
Domestic distribution TV2


Screenplay Rosa Thyrri Rostgaard
Screenplay Clara Høj Jensen
Screenplay Lars Astrup Jensen


Organizer Søren Kramer Vestergaard
Organizer Kristian Leider
Organizer Morten Eggert
Editorial board Jacob Adrian Mikkelsen
Editorial board Rikke Dyrberg
Editorial board Louise Stjerne Klitgaard
Editorial board Christina Kjærgaard
Editorial board Julie Lykke Pedersen
Editorial board Anne Bilde Hansen
Editorial board Katrine Fuglsang
Production manager Katrine Skipper
Executive producer Lars Høj
TV2 editor Lasse Bjerre


Cinematographer Kristian Friis
Cinematographer Mikael Ib Hansen
Cinematographer Carsten Overbye
Cinematographer Martin Binnerup
Cinematographer Bjørn Fabricius
Cinematographer Anders Agerbo
Cinematographer Bent Leth
Cinematographer Kim Hess
Cinematographer Emil Gerner
Cinematographer Rikke Adamsen


Editor Ole Grønbæk
Editor Ann Malene Tornby


Sound mixer Rune Thuelund
Sound mixer Henry Michaelsen

Visual effects

Graphic design Kasper Sonnich Toppenberg
Graphic design Jakob Bønsdorff Eriksen
Grading Kasper Sonnich Toppenberg
Grading Jakob Bønsdorff Eriksen


Voiceover Bjarke Stender

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