Cecilie Elmholt Skou, Denmark, 2020

10 min.DK/Short fiction

Villads (12) and his older brother Christian (15) are spending their summer vacation together at the local pond where they swim every day. This year, Villads is old enough to hang out with his older brother, Christian, and his friends after the swim. They hang out at the harbor nearby and play a game called ‘’ass-time’’. Whoever catches the least crabs at the harbor in a small amount of time, will be forced to put his ass in a plastic bin filled with hungry crabs. Villads is pushed to do things he would not normally do and his relationship to Christian is being tested.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Stime
Danish title Stime
Director Cecilie Elmholt Skou
Screenplay Cecilie Elmholt Skou
Producer Cecilie Elmholt Skou
Director of Photography Nikolaj Hult-Christensen
Editor Anton Løkke Laursen, Jakob Leifer Ravnemose
Sound Nick Palsdorf
Appearance Oscar Langer Carlsen, Justin Geertsen, Max Tranberg, Frederik Bloch
Production country Denmark
Production company Filmværkstedet/København
International sales
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Production company Filmværkstedet/København


Direction Cecilie Elmholt Skou


Screenplay Cecilie Elmholt Skou


Producer Cecilie Elmholt Skou


Cinematographer Nikolaj Hult-Christensen


Editor Anton Løkke Laursen
Editor Jakob Leifer Ravnemose


Sound engineer Nick Palsdorf


Villads Oscar Langer Carlsen
Christian Justin Geertsen
Anton Max Tranberg
Kasper Frederik Bloch

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