What Remains

Chiara Fleischhacker, Germany, 2018

8 min.Short fiction

At the end of her wedding day, the bride Elaha has locked herself in the bathroom. The last guests are waiting impatiently outside the door, but only her two closest friends are allowed to enter. Secretly they want to insert an artificial hymen inside her, but Elaha is hesitating. Is it not completely bizarre to start a marriage with a lie? Torn between tradition and her own morality, she has to take the right decision. The clock is ticking and the bathroom seems to be getting smaller and smaller.
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Original title Was bleibt
Danish title Før bryllupsnatten
Keywords Cultural identity, Religion, Sexuality, Sexual debut, Friendship, Identity
Director Chiara Fleischhacker
Screenplay Milena Aboyan
Director of Photography Pierre Enz
Editor Kaspar Zoth
Sound Johanna Roth
Production designer Almut Fischer, Gerlinde Arand, Mareike Reinhold
Appearance Soma Pysall, Leyla Dastan, Suri Abbassi
Production country Germany
Production company Filmakademie Baden-Wu¨rttemberg GmbH
International sales
Online release 06.04.2021, Filmcentralen
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Filmakademie Baden-Wu¨rttemberg GmbH
Co-production ARTE, La Fémis


Direction Chiara Fleischhacker


Screenplay Milena Aboyan


Executive producer Antonia Bernkopf
Executive producer Martina Droandi


Cinematographer Pierre Enz


Editor Kaspar Zoth


Music Mieke Stein

Production design

Production designer Almut Fischer
Production designer Gerlinde Arand
Production designer Mareike Reinhold


Sound designer Johanna Roth

Visual effects

Motion Design Erwin Kopeng


Appearance Soma Pysall
Appearance Leyla Dastan
Appearance Suri Abbassi

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