New Media Agreement

FILM POLICY. A new media agreement landed on 21 May with positive perspectives for Danish films and series.

On Saturday, 21 May 2022, a new media agreement for the period 2022-2025 was announced in Denmark. The media agreement encompasses and regulates a wide array of subjects including some important aspects of the political regulation of films in Denmark. 

The points of the agreement regulating the work of the Danish Film Institute is warmly welcomed by CEO Claus Ladegaard, as the agreement opens the possibility of producing not only more Danish quality films and series but also more ambitious films in the years to come. 

Below is a summary of the main points regarding films and series in the media agreement:

  • A 6% levy on the revenue in Denmark of national and international streaming services will be established.
  • The profit from the levy will be split evenly between films and the Danish Public Service Fund, a production scheme that supports mainly TV series and documentaries.
  • The distribution of the profit from the levy will be administered by the Danish Film Institute.

In addition to the above, the agreement also specifies that the public broadcasters DR and TV 2 shall increase their engagement in the production of Danish feature and documentary films. 

See more in the original text of the Media Agreement 2022-2025 (in Danish).


Helene Hansen
Management officer
+45 3374 3470