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INTERVIEWS. Tobias Lindholm's "A War" is nominated in the foreign-language category for the upcoming Oscars, while Joshua Oppenheimer's "The Look of Silence" is one of the five documentary feature nominees. Find out more about the films in our interviews with the two directors.

Consequences of War – Tobias Lindholm

"I have always liked American Vietnam War movies and see them as a way for the American society to collectively process a trauma. This film is my stab at processing Denmark’s presence in Iraq and Afghanistan – a process I don’t think has remotely begun. It’s high time that we address what we have sent our men off to in the name of democracy."

"I find real life insanely exciting. For me, it’s interesting to find a slice of reality that I can focus on, make myself a slave to and mix blood with. I don’t organise reality based on what my plot wants but let my plot be dictated by what reality has to offer."

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The Look of Silence Photo: Lars Skree

Holding a Mirror to Horror – Joshua Oppenheimer

"I had this feeling we were entering totally uncharted waters. I can’t think of another film in which a survivor of political violence, or a relative of a victim, confronts a perpetrator while the perpetrators are still in power."

"They [the perpetrators] were presumably confused: this man [Adi] is speaking like a victim accusing us, but he’s with Joshua – and they knew me, and knew I’d been working with their commanders and other powerful perpetrators. So what is happening here? I think that gave them second thoughts, if they were considering reacting violently in the moment."

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