Only God Forgives in Munich

FESTIVAL. "Only God Forgives" is competing in Munich and recently won the main prize at Sydney Film Festival. Nicolas Winding Refn's Bangkok noir had its North American premiere at LA Film Fest – broad US release is on 19 July.

Nicolas Winding Refn's "Only God Forgives" is selected for the CineMasters Competition at Munich International Film Festival (28 June-6 July).

In 2012, Munich paid homage to Refn in a retrospective series. This year, the festival celebrates one of his heroes, 84-year-old Chilean cult director Alejandro Jodorowsky, whom Refn often cites as a great inspiration and has dedicated "Only God Forgives" to.

"I think that Jodorowsky always reminds you that if you just make the film the way you want to make it, in the end it will be okay. I always believe the chief enemy of creativity is being safe and in good taste. So Jodorowsky is the man," said Refn in Screen Editor Wendy Mitchell's interview with the director in FILM Digital Cannes Issue 2013

Refn will join Jodorowsky in the festival's "Filmmakers Live" masterclass on 29 June.

Main prize in Sydney

Nicolas Winding Refn received the Sydney Film Prize and a $60,000 cash prize for "Only God Forgives" at the Sydney Film Festival on 16 June. The prize is awarded in recognition of courageous, audacious and cutting-edge film.

"In the true spirit of the Competition criteria, we award a visually mesmerizing and disturbing film, which polarised our opinions," said the Official Competition jury, headed by actor Hugo Weaving.

This is the second time Refn takes home the Sydney Prize. He won for the British prison thriller "Bronson" in 2009.

North American premiere at LA Film Fest

On 20 June "Only God Forgives" enjoyed its North American premiere at a gala screening at Los Angeles Film Festival (13-23 June). The film will have a general release in the US on July 19, where it will screen at selected cinemas in New York before heading to Comic Con in San Diego.

Six Danish films in Munich

In all, these films are selected for Munich:

  • "Only God Forgives" by Nicolas Winding Refn in the CineMasters programme
  • "Northwest" by Michael Noer in the CineVision programme
  • "A Hijacking" by Tobias Lindholm in the Spotlight programme
  • "Expedition to the End of the World" by Daniel Dencik in the International Independents programme
  • "Kidd Life" by Andreas Johnsen in the International Independents programme
  • "Otto Is a Rhino" by Kenneth Kainz in the Kinderfilmfest programme

Munich International Film Festival (28 June-6 July)