O-faces in the streets

THE CAMPAIGN. For months before its premiere, "Nymphomaniac" was trending on social media the world over – thanks in large part to a remarkable publicity campaign. The buzz culminated in a set of orgasmic character posters that definitely stood out in Copenhagen over Christmas.

Apart from teasing an tantalising, the 14 character posters showing the "Nymphomaniac" actors with parted lips, closed eyes and tousled hair in moments of ecstasy stand out because they don't mirror the film's look, unlike so many other movie posters these days.

And they definitely stood out in Copenhagen's urban spaces, as the campaign was rolled out in the streets, in the metro stations, on billboards and on bus stand during the film's Danish cinema release over Christmas.

The Campaign

The "Nymphomaniac" publicity campaign was created by the Einstein Couple, consisting of Philip Einstein Lipski and his wife and business partner Maria Einstein Biilmann. The Einsteins were contacted by the film's producer Louise Vesth who wanted to try something brand new for Lars von Trier's epic undertaking which would never be ready in time for the Cannes Festival 2013, the customary launch platform for von Trier's films.

See the entire campaign: nymphomaniacthemovie.com

Photos: Anna Winding-Lauesen and Clear Channel