Metz to Direct Episode of True Detective

TV SERIES. Danish director Janus Metz will direct an episode of the second season of HBO's hugely popular "True Detective" series.

Danish filmmaker Janus Metz has primarily directed documentaries throughout his career, including "Armadillo" (2010), the first documentary ever to win the prestigious "Semaine de la Critique" at Cannes.

This is set to change as Metz has been asked to direct an episode of the second season of HBO's massively popular "True Detective" series. The show was created by Nic Pizzolatto and enjoyed a strong first season in 2014 during which 12 million viewers followed the detectives – a record for a first season of any HBO show.

Creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto recently visited Denmark where he invited Metz to direct the third episode of the new season. The two were already collaborating on the film adaptation of Pizzolatto's novel "Galveston," to be directed by Metz.

"Everyone knows this show is so high-profile that there isn't any room for mistakes. It's a highly professional work climate, and to me it's an honour to be part of such a talented crew. 'True Detective' is a cultural phenomenon in America that has resonated around the world. I'm enjoying working with both the crew and the cast, not least Nic Pizzolatto and executive producer Scott Stevens," says Metz.

The new season stars Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn. The story doesn't pick up on season one but will have its own unique plot and setting. Not much has been revealed yet, but filming has already started in Los Angeles where the story will unravel.

Season two of "True Detective" premieres in the summer of 2015.