Land of Mine best Nordic film in Göteborg

AWARD. Martin Zandvliet's "Land of Mine" won the top prize at Göteborg Film Festival on Saturday evening. The film also took home Sunday's Best Film award at the annual Robert ceremony in Copenhagen.

"Land of Mine" by director Martin Zandvliet won the Dragon Award Best Nordic Film on Saturday evening at the closing gala of Göteborg Film Festival.

"Land of Mine," based on historical events, tells the story of a group of young German POWs who are brought to the Danish West Coast to remove landmines from the beaches. Roland Møller won an award at Tokyo Film Festival for his performance as the brutish sergeant in charge of the group. At first scornful and intent on punishing what's left of the Nazi army, the sergeant grows conflicted in his feelings toward the young boys.

The jury, composed of director Laurie Anderson, actress Saga Becker, director Christian Braad Thomsen, screenwriter-producer Sigurjón Kjartansson, photographer Anna Myking and director of the Helsinki Film Festival Sara Norberg, motivated their choice with these words:

"The award goes to a film which shows the tragic cycles of war, when the winners adopt the brutal techniques of the losers. A very intense, suspensful and beautiful film, which depicts the exploitation of children swept into war and that uncovers new facts about postwar Denmark."

On stage in Göteborg. Photo: Göteborg Film Festival

"Land of Mine," produced by Mikael Rieks for Nordisk Film, also received an award by Scandinavian Locations, and the Göteborg Film Festival brought accolades to two more Danish-produced films. Mads Matthiesen's "The Model" received the Sven Nykvist Cinematography Award (Petrus Sjövik), and Rúnar Rúnarsson's "Sparrows" was awarded the international film critics' FIPRESCI prize. Read more in factsheets right

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More accolades to Land of Mine 

On Sunday at the Danish film industry's annual Robert awards, "Land of Mine" scored a total of six awards, including for Best Feature Film, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.

At Friday's awards gala at the Rotterdam Film Festival, the film took home the Audience Award and the young jury's MovieZone Award.

On 3 February, "Land of Mine" was honoured with the dinstinguished Dreyer Award for artistic merit, named after Danish cinema's most distinguished classic figure, Carl Theodor Dreyer.

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