Klown duo cooking up new comedy

IN PRODUCTION. Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam, who brought male misbehaviour to the big screen in "Klown" and "Klown Forever," are preparing a comedy set in the eighties, to be directed by debuting feature director Jesper Rofelt.

Comedians Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam are putting the finishing touches to the script for their third big-screen collaboration. "De første danske jordbær," which translate to "The first Danish strawberries," will be starting principal shooting in late August and has Christensen and Hvam in lead roles.

While the duo's first two feature film ventures, "Klown" (2010) and "Klown Forever" (2015), explore a contemporary scenario of men exposing any and all negative male impulses, their upcoming comedy is set in Denmark in the early 1980s, following a group of eccentric pioneers set out to do the impossible and make history. The film is ultimately a story about the phenomenon of the "Jante Law," a negative term describing a pattern of group behaviour in Scandinavia that is meant to discourage anyone from standing out from the collective, considering individual success highly inappropriate.

Jesper Rofelt, an experienced writer and producer of comedy for television, will be debuting as feature director on "De første danske jordbær." The final cast list and plot line will be released shortly.

Jesper Zartov is producing for Nutmeg Movies, and the Danish Film Institute is supporting the film through the Market Scheme. Other backers include regional fund FilmFyn and national broadcaster TV 2. Nordisk Film will be distributing the film, which is planned to release in theatres in spring 2017.