Adrenalin drama to Rotterdam

FESTIVAL. Street car racing, friendship and love are central themes in Christian E. Christiansen's "On the Edge", receiving its world premiere at the Rotterdam film festival.

The Rotterdam film festival has invited Christian E. Christiansen's "On the Edge" to participate in the Spectrum section showing handpicked highlights from around the world. The film will have its world premiere at the festival.

"On the Edge" is the story of two friends, Nikolaj and Martin, who get their adrenalin rush driving fast cars in illegal street races. One night turns out fatal as they at top speed hit and cause the death of a young girl. Struck by panic they decide to lie about their street racing in court and deny that the accident happened because of their reckless behavior. Martin gets convicted while Nikolaj walks free. Feeling guilty about what happened to his best friend, Nikolaj will do anything to make amends, but when Martin's girlfriend reaches out for his help everything spins out of control. Soon Nikolaj is forced to face the consequences of his own lies.

Cyron Melville, Jakob Oftebro and Danica Curcic play the three leads. Both Oftebro and Curcic enter the spotlight at this year's Berlinale as two of the ten European acting talents promoted under the Shooting Star initiative. "On the Edge" is produced by Zentropa and has received support from the Danish Film Institute. Danish theatrical release is set for 3 April.

Christiansen made his feature debut with "Life Hits" in 2006 and has directed the two US productions "The Roommate" (2011), which went straight to the top of the US box office, and "Where the Devil Hides", expected to release in 2014. In 2007 Christiansen was nominated for an Academy Award for his short film "At Night". "On the Edge" is Christiansen's seventh film.

International Film Festival Rotterdam 22 January – 2 February 2014