Ronnie Sandahl, Sweden, 2020


Tigers takes us into the very core of elite football. It’s the true story about Martin Bengtsson - Sweden’s most promising football talent since Zlatan Ibrahimovic. At sixteen, his lifelong dream comes true: he is bought by Italian top club Inter Milan. He steps into a world where performance is key, compliance and rules non-negotiable. It’s the chance of a lifetime - but at what price? As he adjusts to a reality where everything and everyone are for sale, Martin finds it hard to tell sacrifice from submission, pleasure from pain, friend from foe. Deprived of anything resembling privacy or integrity, Martin is pushed dangerously close to the edge - until, finally, there’s no turning back.
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Original title Tigrar
Danish title Tigrar
Director Ronnie Sandahl
Screenplay Ronnie Sandahl
Producer Piodor Gustafsson
Director of Photography Marek Wieser
Editor Åsa Mossberg
Sound Hans Møller
Composer Jonas Colstrup
Production designer Kajsa Severin
Casting Francesca Sambataro, Shakyra Dowling
Appearance Erik Enge, Alfred Enoch, Maurizio Lombardi, Lino Musella
Production country Sweden, Denmark
Production company Black Spark Film & TV AB
Domestic distribution TriArt Film
International sales
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Production company Black Spark Film & TV AB
Domestic distribution TriArt Film


Direction Ronnie Sandahl
1st assistant director Mike Lundin
Casting Francesca Sambataro
Casting Shakyra Dowling


Screenplay Ronnie Sandahl


Producer Piodor Gustafsson
Executive producer Lucia Nicolai
Executive producer Marcello Paolillo
Executive producer Birgitte Skov
Executive producer Anna Croneman
Executive producer Jens Von Bahr
Executive producer Daniel Hummel
Line producer Luca Legnani
Co-executive producer Erich Hörtnagl
Post Producer Mikael Windelin
Production assistant Simone Lingreen
Production assistant Anne Sofie Degn Sydbøge
Production assistant Stine Eskesen
Production assistant Lykke Johanne Klitgaard
Production assistant Julie Hindkjær


Cinematographer Marek Wieser


Editor Åsa Mossberg


Composer Jonas Colstrup

Production design

Production designer Kajsa Severin


Costume on set Mariano Tufano


Masks Francesca Tampieri


Sound designer Hans Møller
Sound mixer Marco Fiumara
Boom operator Andrea Viali
Sound Gulio Conversi
Sound Laura Ejdrup Hesseldahl
Sound Johannes Rose
Foley artist Heikki Kossi
Foley mixer Kari Vähäkuopus
ADR recording Per Sundström
ADR supervisor Josefin Frick

Visual effects

VFX design Thomas Dyg
Animator Stine Sørensen
VFX artist Jonas Ussing


Martin Bengtsson Erik Enge
Ryan Alfred Enoch
Galli Maurizio Lombardi
Luca Lino Musella
Træner Panelli Alberto Basaluzzo
Vibeke Frida Gustavsson

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