Rødstrømper - en kavalkade af kvindefilm

Mette Knudsen, Denmark, 1985

35 min.DK/Documentary

This cavalcade reflects both the history of the cinema and the history of women's emancipation. It includes excerpts from about 20 films that have come into being more or less a result of grass-roots wishes to describe the realities of women's lives. It included recently filmed sequences linked together by a commentary which tells us about the first demonstrations, the Women's Liberation Movement, the fight for equal wages, the labour market, the situation of women in Third World countries etc.
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Original title Rødstrømper - en kavalkade af kvindefilm
Danish title Rødstrømper - en kavalkade af kvindefilm
Other titles Rødstrømper - En kavalkade af kvindefilm
Keywords Gender roles, Denmark, 1980-1989, Women, Women's conditions, Women's movement, Recstockings, Denmark's history, Female directors
Director Mette Knudsen
Screenplay Mette Knudsen
Director of Photography Katia Forbert Petersen
Editor Merete Brusendorff
Sound Sven Nørgård, Peter Witt
Production country Denmark
Production company Wide Film Service, Finn Clausen
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
Technical info 401 meter, 16 mm, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 14.05.1985
Cinemas Dagmar
TV release 22.07.1986, TV
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production company Wide Film Service, Finn Clausen
Executive Producer Statens Filmcentral
Commissioned by Statens Filmcentral, Undervisningsministeriet
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Mette Knudsen


Script Mette Knudsen


Production Finn Clausen
Production manager René Clausen
Production assistant Hanne Eriksen


Cinematography Katia Forbert Petersen


Editing Merete Brusendorff
Assistant editor Jutta Fischer


Sound Sven Nørgård
Sound Peter Witt


Voiceover Mette Knudsen

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