Denmark and Canada renew collaboration on digital content

NEW MEDIA. The Danish Film Institute and the Canada Media Fund have extended, for a third year, their co-development agreement for digital media projects between Danish and Canadian producers.

In 2017, the Danish Film Institute and the Canada Media Fund entered into a collaboration on digital content, supporting the co-development of new digital media projects between producers from Canada and Denmark. The aim is to promote the development of innovative, digital storytelling and to stimulate collaboration and exchange of knowhow between the two countries.

Eight Canadian-Danish projects have received funding during the first two rounds. The projects range widely in both format and content and include VR, games, live animation and interactive children's universes.

The Danish Film Institute and the Canada Media Fund have now extended the development agreement by one year, entering into the third round of their collaboration on new digital content.

New application round

The development incentive supports the development of digital content between Canadian and Danish producers that is innovative, explores new ways of storytelling, experiments with new formats and platforms and seeks to find new ways to engage with the audience.


Mikkel Thomassen
Tlf. +45 4061 9362

The budget for the incentive is at CAD $300,000 (approximately DKK 1.5m). Each project can be supported with up to CAD $70,000 (approximately DKK 350,000). The projects require the participation of a Canadian and a Danish producer.

Application deadline is 12 December, and selected projects will be announced in mid-February 2020.

Read the agreement and visit the Canada Media Fund.

Supported projects

These projects have received funding through the first two rounds:


  • Mouse & Crane's Harbour Adventures
    Those Eyes (DK)
    Tobo (CA)        
  • Project Iceworm 
    CFC Short & Doc (DK)
    Helios Graphic Design (CA)
  • Snowfall 
    PortaPlay (DK)
    Clever-Plays Studio (CA)
  • Under the Sea 
    PortaPlay (DK)
    Game Pill (CA)


  • Flee VR
    Sun Creature Studio, Final Cut for Real (DK)
    e→d films (CA)
  • Bloom
    Bullitt Film (DK)
    Kunuk Cohn Productions, Isuma Productions (CA)
  • Northern Lights
    Funday Factory (DK)
    Stitch Media (CA)
  • The Wonder Woollies
    Fuzzy House (DK)
    Bejuba! Entertainment (CA)